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*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the authors in their private capacity and do not in any
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How To Become A Plumber

how to become a plumber

A plumber is a tradesperson who specialises in installing, repairing and maintaining plumbing and heating systems. Plumbers install and maintain water, drainage and heating systems. They cut, bend and join pipes and fittings, diagnose and fix faults and service appliances. In addition to actually carrying out the work mentioned, you would also be expected to measure, plan and cost out ... Read More »

Careers In Minerals And Quarrying

careers in minerals and quarrying

Quarrying provides us with what we need to build homes, roads and much more. Discover three careers at the heart of the industry. The construction industry relies on the products extracted through quarrying. More than that, we rely on extracted minerals for everything from pencils, toothpaste and make-up to fire detection systems, batteries and pharmaceuticals. Here are three related occupations ... Read More »

Pole Position In Motorsport


Motorsport is usually the goal for anyone who loves fast cars or motorbikes — Jess Shanahan tells us more. The motorsport industry employs lots of people in many different job roles. Here are just a few to whet your appetite… Driving Careers These days, racing drivers need to be able to do more than just drive fast. Unfortunately, there are ... Read More »

Maintenance Engineers In The Spotlight

maintenance engineers

When equipment or machinery breaks down it holds up production, which is bad for business. Maintenance engineers prevent breakdowns. We take a look at this important role. Maintenance engineers or engineering maintenance technicians keep machinery and equipment running. They deal with regular equipment maintenance and they respond to equipment breakdowns and faults. What would the job of maintenance engineer be like? ... Read More »

Working In Transport And Logistics

transport and logistics

The transport and logistics sector is huge, covering air, rail, road and water. We take a look at three air passenger transport roles. In the air – air cabin crew Air cabin crew make sure that all the passengers on board their flight have a safe and comfortable journey. They perform pre-flight checks to make sure that everything is in ... Read More »

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