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Female STEM Role Models


Females are significantly under-represented in STEM careers and qualifications with fewer than one in 10 engineering professionals being female. Why? At GCSE level female students of the sciences outperform their male counterparts and even though a similar proportion of males and females take GCSE Physics, by the time we get to A-level the number of females studying physics has dropped ... Read More »

Student Loan – How Much Will I Pay?

student loan

How do student loan repayments work and what happens when I’ve finished university? When you go off to university you will need to pay tuition fees for your course and you will need to live. There will be accommodation costs, food costs, books and resources to buy and other living expenses. Most of you will need to take out a loan ... Read More »

What is the purpose of school?


Countries around the world take very different views on the purpose of education – so what is the purpose of school? An annual survey of global attitudes to education has indicated that there is a divide between those who think that education should focus on creativity and independent thinking and those who believe that schools should focus their efforts on ... Read More »

Go The Distance – Online Learning

With huge tuition fees and the removal of maintenance grants – is the answer online learning? Online learning where you can pay your fees as you go, with each module that you study offer a serious alternative to full time study courses that require you to take out finance for fees and living costs. Distance learning courses are often a ... Read More »

Get Volunteering


With employers focusing increasingly on ‘soft skills’ (positive character traits and the ability to work with others) and experience it has never been more important to get volunteering. The variety of volunteering roles available means positions can enhance and provide unique skill sets and whilst helping out at a local charity shop won’t result in academic qualifications, the experience alone ... Read More »

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