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Retail careers, jobs and qualifications

The UK retail sector is huge with 286,000 retail stores UK-wide.

Job roles within the retail sector are hugely varied and range from part time employees with no qualification to full time graduate and post-graduate roles working across such areas as: buying, distribution and logistics, merchandising, marketing and PR, sales and store operatives, IT, HR, finance and accounting to name just a few.

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Superdrug/Savers have taken on over 500 apprentices over the past two years and 79% of apprentices go on to get a permanent job. One fifth of them have been promoted.

With almost 1200 stores nationwide, both brands are passionate about teamwork, loyalty, commitment, and respect.

You might not have retail experience, but like us, you enjoy working as part of a team and you can see how you could help to make sure customers have the best in-store experience.

Maybe you’ve learnt all you can in the classroom and you’re ready to get out into the world of work. If you’re ambitious, you’ll find lots of opportunities for continuous promotion and a fast-moving career.

You’ll be a full-time team member for 12 months. During which time, you’ll work through a programme of learning which will cover every aspect of building a great customer experience, from serving customers, to ensuring shelves are fully stocked. You’ll also get an insight into ordering, merchandising and our entire organisation.

We’re looking for our Managers of the future. And it’s very possible that could be you!

We welcome applications from those aged 16-18 years of age, however recruitment will be on merit and all applications will be considered.

Find out more about apprenticeships at Superdrug and Savers or

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