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Retail careers, jobs and qualifications

The UK retail sector is huge with 286,000 retail stores UK-wide.

Job roles within the retail sector are hugely varied and range from part time employees with no qualification to full time graduate and post-graduate roles working across such areas as: buying, distribution and logistics, merchandising, marketing and PR, sales and store operatives, IT, HR, finance and accounting to name just a few.

What Does a Career In Retail Look Like?

career in retail

Working in retail is about more than stacking shelves or sitting behind a till.  So, what does a career in retail look like? You and your mates may already have Saturday jobs – it looks good on your CV and earns you some much-needed cash! The music, technology, fashion and sports retail sectors are highly youth- orientated and this is ... Read More »

Four Careers In Retail

careers in retail

Once you understand how the things that you buy make it from the supplier to you it’ll bring a whole new meaning to the phrase chain store. If you were to follow the journey of one of the items in your shopping trolley you would find that it takes a lot of different people working in different roles to get ... Read More »


Leadership and management roles take many forms. Here we take a look at a career in retail leadership and management roles. The retail industry generated £340 billion in sales in 2015 and it is the largest private sector employer in the UK. The sector is a varied as it is large and includes businesses of all sizes offering a multitude ... Read More »

Studying at the FRA can lead to an amazing career in Fashion Retail

Read about two alumni who have gone on to exciting industry roles: Grace Hilley, L4 Fashion Retail with Marketing and Business Current role: Online Production Assistant – Miss Selfridge “I joined the FRA knowing full well that I wanted to work in fashion, I just wasn’t sure where I wanted to specialise my skills yet. The Level 4 Fashion Retail ... Read More »

Why I Think An Apprenticeship Is A Great Option

This year Savers launched its first ever Apprentice Awards. We found out more about the winner, Whitney Eldred, who explained – why I think an apprenticeship is a great option for school or college leavers.  You wouldn’t normally expect to go from trainee to supervisor in less than a year, but then Whitney Eldred is no normal trainee. Awarded Savers’ ... Read More »

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