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Transport and Logistics: careers, jobs and qualifications

Jobs in logistics and transport are all fundamentally concerned with making sure that the right people, goods or services are in the right place at the right time.

It might involve road, rail, air or sea or, indeed a combination of one or more of them. It includes air traffic controllers ensuring our planes get to their destinations safely and on time. Supply chain management is another option. This means making sure that materials and components are at the right place at the right time keep our factories and retail outlets working.

Transportation of products that are sold or need to be sold in the case of distributing goods to branches of a particular outlet need to get from one place to another – from suppliers to warehouses and to specific retail outlets or with regards online sales, from the warehouse to the customer.  Products need to be in the right place at the right time.

There are multiple roles within distribution, from warehouse operatives and drivers to distribution managers who manage warehouse staff as well as stock levels, delivery times and transportation of goods.

Working in Distribution

Distribution and logistics are a vital part of retail activity and success – again, some roles you can work your way into by proving yourself capable and being promoted within an organisation. Should you choose to undertake a programme or training and qualification though, there are specific apprenticeships available at intermediate, advanced and higher levels, such as the Logistics operative apprenticeship at intermediate level or the Warehouse and Storage apprenticeship at advanced level.

Logistics is an important branch of many industries, including the motorsport industry. The vehicles used in motorsport need to get to the right venue for events and at the right time and motorsport events take place all over the world, so this is a vital role.

Working in transport

Clearly transport is absolutely key to the way that society and business functions and transportation of passengers includes a huge network of roles, from drivers, maintenance staff and engineers to the staff who coordinate transport systems and passenger services.

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