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Public Services: careers, jobs and qualifications

Public services are those provided by or financially supported by the government. The main public service areas are police, fire, rescue and the Armed Forces.

As well as the obvious job roles, like police officer or fire fighter, there are plenty of support roles in each area too, working in planning for example, IT support or administration. The public services include the Armed Forces, which consists of the Navy, Royal Marines, the Army and the Royal Air Force.

Not going to uni offer lots of live opportunities and jobs on their website – if you are wanting to work as a fire fighter then you should definitely check the fire services applications page to see what they expect and what the process is like.

You can study for a vocational qualification in public services full time and there are a wealth of apprenticeships in the health, public services and care sector, including interesting frameworks like courts, tribunal and prosecution administration; emergency fire service operatives, policing and witness care. The sector is large and employs over 100,000 people, so there’s plenty of work to be had.  There are also Foundation degrees available in public services, which can be topped up and full honours degrees.

Working as a paramedic

Paramedics are part of the rapid response team and they provide emergency treatment. In order to work as a paramedic you need to do a degree in paramedic science or you need to get onto a student paramedics course through the ambulance service.  If you wanted to be part of the emergency response team without getting a degree or becoming a paramedic – you could consider the role of emergency care assistant.  An emergency care assistant drives ambulances and other related vehicles and responds to emergency calls.  Whilst on a call, emergency care assistants assist the paramedics as they work and use medical / life support equipment as well as collecting information at the scene and providing information both to people at the scene and as part of the handover of patients at the hospital. Part of an emergency care assistant’s role is to ensure that the emergency vehicle and all medical equipment on board is in good working order.


Policing And Law Enforcement

policing and law enforcement

Policing has always been a popular career choice. Here’s everything you need to know about planning your route into a rewarding job in law enforcement. Police officers patrol public areas on foot, horseback, by car, motorcycle or boat. They investigate crimes, arrest suspects and offenders and they enforce law and order. To become a police officer, you need to be ... Read More »

Public Service Occupations

public service occupations

Having a job where you get to give something to the public in some way can be very rewarding. In this article we take a look a four public service occupations where you could do this. Public service occupation 1 – town planner Work, rest and play. We need all of these things. We need work to earn money, we need ... Read More »

Ready for take off?

If you want to know why Royal Air Force apprenticeships are ‘no ordinary jobs’, visit us at the Skills Show (17-19 November, NEC Birmingham). Our stand will feature the new ‘No Ordinary Job’ installation, with videos and dynamic information that bring to life the opportunities and benefits of a career with the air force. You can also enjoy one-on-one advice from ... Read More »

Trainee Paramedic – I Chose An Alternative Route Case Study

We spoke to  trainee paramedic Joe Strauss at Kingston College in Surrey who told us about the alternative route he is taking to become a paramedic. Joe Strauss is a 20 year-old trainee paramedic who has wanted to be a paramedic for quite a while. After passing his GCSEs, Joe struggled with studying A-levels for a year and finally decided to quit ... Read More »

Local Government Jobs Offer Council Career Opportunities For Everyone

local government jobs

Local government jobs are all about carving out a career through working for the community and making a difference to people’s lives and their environment. Local government employs over two million people and is one of the largest employers in the UK. Local government jobs offer great career opportunities,  putting you in a position to help ensure equality in your ... Read More »

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