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Why Not Just Stash Some Cash Away For Old Age?

As part of our finances for the future series, we asked leading experts your pension related questions. We found that lots of you didn’t have a clue about pensions. Well we want to bring the experts to you to help. One of the questions that we were asked was, why not just stash some cash away for old age? It ... Read More »

Top Tips For Saving

stash some cash away

As part of our investigation into young people and pensions we spoke with Freddie Ewer, Founder of RedSTART; Investment Consultant, Redington and along with some great info on pensions he also provided us with some top tips for saving. If you are just starting your first job, whether you have just graduated from university, completed your apprenticeship or simply jumped ... Read More »

Should I Start A Pension?


Retirement is probably the last thing on your mind, but the reality is that at some point you will stop working and you will still need to pay the bills and eat and you’ll need a pension. Vivi Friedgut gives us the low down on pensions About Vivi Vivi was inspired to start her own company after realising that many ... Read More »

Careers, Not Sure What To Do?

10 future careers

Thinking about careers can seem overwhelming when you are not sure what to do. At Moving On we try to provide you with information on hundreds of careers and to inspire you. Read on for some tips on how to get started choosing a career when you are really not sure what to do with your life I have no ... Read More »

Exam Stress – Find Out How To Cope With The Anxiety Caused By Revision

exam stress

Is exam stress freaking you out? Stop worrying and take some advice from someone who’s been through it – this is how Alice coped with her own exam stress. All too soon after the New Year celebrations I found myself facing mock exam  after mock exam. And soon after that, it was real exam after real exam.  The complete silence ... Read More »

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