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FE – How Do I Transition If I Have Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC)?

Starting at FE college can be a daunting prospect at the best of times but if you have autism spectrum condition or ASC, it can be even more difficult. Joe Hibbert is the SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) Transition and Review Lead at Gloucestershire College and he’s got some helpful tips for making sure that your transition from school ... Read More »

Exam Stress – Find Out How To Cope With The Anxiety Caused By Revision

exam stress

Is exam stress freaking you out? Stop worrying and take some advice from someone who’s been through it – this is how Alice coped with her own exam stress. All too soon after the New Year celebrations I found myself facing mock exam  after mock exam. And soon after that, it was real exam after real exam.  The complete silence ... Read More »

Encouraging girls into STEM – The Artemis Network

Artemis network

The Artemis Network is a charity that helps sixth-form girls across the UK explore new career options that they may not have known about before – particularly in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and finance/maths). More than 900 girls from over 50 schools have already signed up to become members of The Artemis Network, so that they can receive ongoing ... Read More »

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards programme

Young people today are growing up in a highly competitive environment and, when applying for jobs, it’s rare that a candidate is chosen just on the basis of their academic results. Employers are looking for more, to understand what candidates are like as people; do they work well as a team, show initiative and commit to a project?  The Duke ... Read More »

Talk to FRANK – the top five booze fails

Talk to FRANK and bust some common booze myths. Christmas is just around the corner, which means the party season is about to kick off. But what’s the deal with all the drinking? There’s lots of information about the dos and don’ts of alcohol and it can get confusing… Myth: Drinking makes you more confident and fun Busted: Drinking can ... Read More »

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