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Welcome to the December Issue of Moving On

December issue of Moving On

In this December issue of Moving On we bring together the worlds of science and creativity to cover careers in art and design, media and film, science and IT. We live in a fantastic world, where the internet has transformed how we learn, work and communicate and where science enables us to do amazing things. We have some great interviews ... Read More »

What’s The Difference Between A Job And A Career?

difference between a job and a career

If you’re in secondary school or college, chances are you get asked an awful lot about what you’re going to do in the future. You may be wondering what’s the difference between a job and a career? The difference between a job and a career A job has a specific title and describes specifically what you are employed to do. ... Read More »

Perceptions Of Difficulty Linked To Subject Choice

subject choice

When it comes to the choices that students make post GCSE, research completed indicates that perceptions of difficulty are linked to subject choice. Research undertaken by Ofqual included student focus group research as well as interviews with teachers. Students were asked about subject differences, if, and how perceptions of these might influence the choices that they make regarding subject choice. ... Read More »

The Budget-Careers: Construction, Automotive, Teaching and Artificial Intelligence

The budget

Here are a few interesting points from the chancellor’s budget, which may affect labour market and skills demands. We take a look at The Budget – Careers: construction, automotive, teaching and artificial intelligence. Some key points from the budget: £44bn in Government support to boost construction skills This budget announcement sits alongside the government commitment to build 300,000 new homes ... Read More »

Unusual Careers What Does A Mudlogger Do?


There are loads of jobs out there that you’ve probably never heard of. For example, what does a mudlogger do? A mud log is a record of drilling activity – a geological record of a drilled hole. Mudloggers are very important workers in the oil and gas industry. They monitor and record all drilling activity as well as information on ... Read More »

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