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Geotechnician Job Profile

geotechnician job profile

If you like the idea of a scientific career that is mainly laboratory based and to do with the environment, then you might be interested in the role of geotechnician. Work as a geotechnician includes collecting, processing and interpreting data from samples and also from seismic surveys. This involves preparing samples of soil, rock and water for testing and analysing ... Read More »

Professional Engineering Status Explained

Professional Engineering Status

What’s the difference between a Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer and Engineering Technician? – professional engineering status explained. To hold one of these titles you must be a member of a professional engineering institution which is licensed by the Engineering Council. To become a member, you need to show that you have relevant technical skills, which will include gaining a qualification ... Read More »

Engineering Study Options

Engineering Study Options

There’s a route into a career in engineering to suit everyone – full time, part time, academic, vocational or through an apprenticeship. We take a look at just some of your engineering study options. Whether you are starting from nothing or you are making a decision after GCSEs or A-levels, there are a variety of engineering training options out there. ... Read More »

Interview With The Degree Apprentice James Jones

the apprentice

We asked degree apprentice James Jones how he feels about his achievement. James Jones, aged 25, from Bridgnorth, Shropshire has also just graduated with a Degree in Digital and Tech Solutions on completing his apprenticeship. It feels pretty good and a bit strange because nobody has done it before – Graduation Day was a great day, with the gowns and ... Read More »

Job Roles In Building Construction

Job Roles In Building Construction

Floors, walls and roofs – very important parts of all buildings. Find out about four of key job roles in building construction. Floor layer There are different types of floor layers, but all of them measure, mark, cut, shape and install floor coverings and finishes, either by hand or using power tools. As a floor layer, you might be laying ... Read More »

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