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Pay More For University

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The message seems to be pretty clear – pay more for university, twice over I love education, I love university. I see the value of it. It pains me then to question whether it’s worth the increasing costs. Parliament this week pushed through legislation that allows universities to increase their tuition fees year on year – starting this year with ... Read More »

Supportive text messaging for student success

BIT is interested in hearing from colleges who want to take part in exciting research into supportive text messaging for student success. In March, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) announced that they are funding three interventions to help improve outcomes for 16-18 year old students who are resitting their GCSEs. One of these is a social support intervention that the Behavioural ... Read More »

UK Skills Shortage Occupation 12 Electrical Engineer

This is the twelfth instalment in a series of blogs that provide information on occupational roles that employers struggle to fill. In this article we take a look at the role of electrical engineer. What does an electrical engineer do? Electrical engineers work on projects with other workers like civil engineers, architects and engineering technicians. Amongst other things, electrical engineers: ... Read More »

Schools Have To Allow A Range Of Education And Training Providers To Access Pupils.

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What is known as the ‘Baker clause’, which is part of the Technical and Further Education Bill, means that schools now have to allow a range of education and training providers to access pupils. The Bill was passed yesterday and now brings into law that pupils aged 13 – 18 must have available to them contact with FE and training ... Read More »

Are You Obsessed About Going Straight To Work After Uni?

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The out-going head of Ucas, Mary Curnock Cook has cautioned against the ‘career-driven mentality that many students have when choosing a degree’. Whilst Ms Curnock Cook believes that higher education is the “best option” open to young people, she also argues that “you get the best out of a university experience when you study something that just sets your brain on fire. ... Read More »

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