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Good Careers Decisions

good career decisions

We all make decisions, all the time. Big ones, small ones. good ones, bad ones – how do you make good careers decisions? Some decisions really aren’t very important, whether to wear your blue socks or the yellow ones for example. Making decisions about where to study, what to study and what career to aim for are big decisions though ... Read More »

Spaced Learning

industrial strategy

Is spaced learning the key to passing your exams? Spaced Learning isn’t about spacing out while in your lessons. What is spaced learning? Spaced learning is a way of embedding information into your long term memory using repetition. Developed by Monkseaton High School, Spaced Learning consists of three ‘inputs’ of information, separated by ten minute breaks. The theory being that, ... Read More »

Know Your Fake News From Real News?

industrial strategy

According to a recent poll, school pupils cannot tell fake news from real news. More than a third of teachers polled reported that pupils believe fake news stories that they read online and that they are quoting these stories as fact in their school work. This is according to a survey of 1507 teachers conducted by the teachers’ union, NUSUWT. ... Read More »

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