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Vocational Qualifications What Are They?

technical education

Most of you will be familiar with academic qualifications like A-levels and GCSEs. Here we take a look at vocational qualifications – what they are and how they work. Vocational qualifications are directed toward a particular occupation or career sector, for example construction and the built environment or business, whereas academic qualifications are subject specific like History A-level. Vocational qualifications ... Read More »

Interesting Careers In The Food Industry

careers in the fodd industry

Careers in the food industry are wide ranging. As well as the more obvious jobs, like waiter or chef, there are numerous roles involved in creating, marketing and distributing food products. All of the careers in the food industry below require ingenuity, dedication and enthusiasm. They are perfect for those who are willing to work hard and who love food! Development chefs ... Read More »

Should I Start A Pension?


Retirement is probably the last thing on your mind, but the reality is that at some point you will stop working and you will still need to pay the bills and eat and you’ll need a pension. Vivi Friedgut gives us the low down on pensions About Vivi Vivi was inspired to start her own company after realising that many ... Read More »

New GCSE Grading

New GCSE Grading

GCSE grading has changed – make sure that you understand your results. On August 24th many of you will be receiving your GCSE results (make sure you read our results day guide) in a new format. Rather than the usual A* – F grade range you will now receive a grade from 9 – 1, with grade 9 being the ... Read More »

UK Wider Initiative to Encourage More Young People Into Manufacturing


Made Here Now, the UK-wide initiative to encourage more young people into manufacturing as a career, is celebrating a major milestone with the launch of a new website contains inspirational videos, success stories and photography to engage young people. Backed by 37 sponsors, including manufacturers, academic institutions, trade associations, government bodies and charities, the website is aimed at young people ... Read More »

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