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Fashion Careers, Jobs and Qualifications

The world of fashion can offer far more in the way of exciting and glamorous careers than the two most obvious options of designer or model.

You don’t necessarily have to be a dedicated follower of fashion, or go to uni, to take advantage of the many job roles that the fashion industry has on offer.

fashionApprenticeships on the manufacturing side of the fashion industry are widely available for pattern cutters, dressmakers and sewing machinists, all of whom are needed to actually make the clothes, shoes and accessories we wear. Tailoring and leather work apprenticeships are also available.

Jobs in fashion retail can lead to all sorts of other jobs if you start on the shop floor, like merchandising, buying or visual merchandising for many big high street clothes stores. If you have a head for business, you could go into sales and marketing. Fashion advertising, PR and marketing are other options you could look into.

Fashion journalism is a popular choice for many young people – if it’s the way you want to go, why not start your own fashion blog, right now?! It’s a great way to find out whether you’ve got what it takes and if you’re studying fashion design, it’s also incredibly useful for making sure you’re keeping up with all the latest new trends and for logging the research you’ll need to do for your own designs and college projects.

As a fashion designer, you could choose to work in high fashion (haute couture) making one-off, exclusive and highly expensive garments for private clients. Or you could have your own label and design and manufacture your own collections or ranges of clothes and accessories. Another option is to work as a designer for an existing clothing label or high street chain store. You could also choose to specialise in men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, sportswear, underwear or shoe or hat design. You’ll need to be pretty driven and focused as there’s loads of competition for these jobs out there and you will generally be expected to have done a degree in fashion and textiles or have qualifications in a related subject, if you want to be a fashion designer.

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