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Going To University? Apply For Student Finance

graduatingEven if you are not sure at this point that you will definitely go to university, or if you are uncertain which university or course you will definitely end up doing, you still need to apply for student finance.

What’s the deadline for student finance?

You must get your student finance application in by 27th May 2016 if you want to have your student finance in place when you start university.  If you get your application in late – your money will be late.

How long does it take to process my student finance application?

It takes at least 6 weeks to process your student finance claim. Remember, there are a lot of people applying!

Do I have to wait until I have a confirmed university place to apply for student finance?

No, you do not have to have a confirmed place at university to apply for your student finance.  All you need in your preferred choice – you can simply update this if you need to later on. There is no time like the present as they say – so get on and do it now – applications are open.

How much money will I get through student finance?

You can access an online calculator to discover how much money you will get through student finance.  The maximum though is £9,000 for a full time student and £6,750 for a part time student. As an example, if your household income is £40,000 per year and you are planning on living away from home (not studying social work or medicine) then you might get £9,000 tuition fee loan and a maintenance loan (not a grant any more) of up to £6,434 for the year.

You might be entitled to other financial support whilst you are at uni too, like disabled student allowance. There are other hardship funds available too as well as bursaries.

We’ve got lots of other useful information about university here, including how adjustment and clearing work which might come in hand on results day. Find out about any changes to student finance for 2016/17 in the video below.

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