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About Us

Moving On magazine is a print and online publication that provides a wide range of information regarding choices in and following school.

As the cost of university continues to increase, young people and their parents have to think carefully about all options available: apprenticeships, work experience, gap years, further education and higher education.

Experts in the industry, including UCAS, employers,  skills bodies and sector skills councils work with us to make sure that the information and advice that we provide is up to date, accurate and relevant.

We work directly with schools to offer students the opportunity to gain work experience with us. Students with an interest is journalism research and write for us under the supervision of the editor, providing a great opportunity to gain skills, enhance their CV and see their work published in print.

Our audience

Our primary audience is 13 – 19 year olds in education and careers support workers, but we also have a growing audience of parents.

Our Reach

Moving On is delivered in print to every school, college and sixth form in England and to English schools abroad and digital versions are widely available online.

Moving On works in partnership with the DWP Job Centre+ and the RNIB to provide accessible e-text versions of the magazine for blind and partially sighted people.

Formats available through the RNIB

  • Audio CD or USB: Delivered to your door
  • Online: If you have a mobile phone or computer, get your daily paper or magazine delivered to your inbox or download from our website
  • DAISY: DAISY CDs offer further navigation options over the audio you listen to. If you have a DAISY player, why not take a look at what titles are available from our newsagent service?
  • Braille: magazines available in double-sided contracted braille
  • Big Print If you have some vision but would like to read a bigger font, this could be a choice for you

Moving On is a CASCAID product

A brief history of CASCAID

CASCAID (Careers Advisory Service Computer Aid) began in 1969 with two careers officers and was hugely innovative for the time, combining information on occupations with input from the student which produced an individualised careers support service.

During the period of 1969 – 1972 the CASCAID service was rolled out to over 7,000 students across Leicestershire and by 1881 the service was nationwide and 1,000 careers advisers were fully trained on using CASCAID.

In 1991 KUDOS, the interactive micro-computer program was launched and in 1992 Adult Directions was introduced, with a Danish version being developed in 1993.

1996 saw CASCAID become part of the Loughborough University group of companies and by 1999 CASCAID had introduced Paws in Jobland, a service for primary school aged pupils.

In 2016 CASCAID celebrated its 25th year and began 2017 with the acquisition of Moving On magazine.

Find out more about CASCAID products.


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