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Ryan Yasin wins prestigious James Dyson Award

James Dyson Award

You’ll grow into it – 24 year-old ex- aeronautical engineering student and designer Ryan Yasin wins the prestigious James Dyson Award after he invents outfits that grow, fitting children aged six-months to three years old. What inspired Ryan’s invention? Well he noticed how quickly his nephew grew out of the clothing gifts that he gave him and decided to do ... Read More »

Most Popular Apprenticeships In England Last Year

most popular apprenticeships

What were the most popular apprenticeships in England last year, where were they and who did them? The greatest number of people who started an apprenticeship in 2015 / 16 was in the North West of England, where there were 80,820  apprentice starts. This amounts to 16 per cent of the total starts for the year. Obviously the North West ... Read More »

The Path To Becoming A Software Engineer

Emma Portman, Test and Training Manager at global engineering technologies company Renishaw, talks to us about the path to becoming a software engineer. According to a recent report, around 50 per cent of candidates have applied for a job that they are not qualified to do. To be considered for a position, candidates are encouraged to have experience from a ... Read More »

Studies And Soft Skills For A Career As A Software Engineer

Emma Portman, Test and Training Manager at global engineering technologies company Renishaw, explains the studies and soft skills needed for a career as a software engineer. Studies for software engineering When students first consider software engineering as a career path, it is important to choose courses that suit the preferred software roles. Choosing subjects based around science and maths can ... Read More »

GCSE Results Day 2017

It’s GCSE Results Day 2017. Hopefully all of your hard work has paid off and you’re smiling. Getting your GCSE results Don’t forget – you’re looking for grade 9 – 4 in English, English literature and maths! 9 is the highest you can get and 4 is equal to a C grade. New GCSE grades explained. If everything hasn’t gone ... Read More »

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