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Not Going To Uni

not going to uni

Are you planning on not going to uni when you finish your studies at school or college? Going to uni isn’t for everyone and if you are planning on not going to uni, what are your options? Obviously, if you are 18 then one option is to go straight into full time work. However, if you do still want to ... Read More »

Pre-order your FREE 2017 Results Day Guide Now

2017 Results Day Guide

Sign up to receive our FREE 2017 Results Day Guide. Each year we produce our hugely successful results day guide. The guide covers everything that young people and their parents need to know including: Surviving GCSE and A-level results day going through clearing academic, vocational and apprenticeship options preparing for the first year at university what to do if you think your ... Read More »

Main Party Manifestos On Education

manifestos on education

If you want to know what each of the main political parties are offering ,look at the main party manifestos on education. We’ve pulled them together here. The Labour manifesto on education TOWARDS A NATIONAL EDUCATION SERVICE EARLY YEARS Currently, there is a gap between the end of maternity leave and the beginning of full-time schooling. This gap can make ... Read More »

UK Skills Shortage Occupation 17 SEN Teacher

SEN teacher

This is the seventeenth in a series of blogs providing information on occupational roles that employers struggle to fill. In this article we take a look at the role of the SEN teacher. There are regional differences in the skills and occupations where employers are experiencing shortages and throughout this series we will endeavour to provide information on where the ... Read More »

The Job Of An Investigative journalist

investigative journalism

An investigative journalist researches and exposes the truth, often when someone else is trying to keep it hidden. Investigative journalists are brave, resourceful and tenacious; they need to be to get to the truth. They can work for newspapers, television and radio programmes or online news sites and they will expose wrongdoings. An example of this is the Panorama programme ... Read More »

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