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Is it right to call it student debt?

student debt

Debt is a loaded word. It’s scary, and it’s said a lot in relation to going to university. Is it right to keep referring to student debt? Speaking to a recent graduate, I was told that he wasn’t bothered by what everyone keeps referring to as his student debt. In fact, he told me that he viewed his repayments (yes, ... Read More »

Looking For Work In Birmingham

Work in Birmingham

If you are looking for work in Birmingham, then like job seekers anywhere it is a good idea to find out a little about what the industry is like. Every area has its own employment profile and its own priorities when it comes to investing in improving sectors. In Birmingham for example, some sectors have seen a reduction in employment, ... Read More »

Top Tips For A Successful School Year


Now that we’re into September, chances are, you’re beginning an apprenticeship, starting college full time or moving into sixth form. So, here are some top tips for a successful school year. Get organised With so much going on, it’ll be easy to get yourself in a mess. Invest in some decent notepads, pens, highlighters and folders and set aside just ... Read More »

Female STEM Role Models


Females are significantly under-represented in STEM careers and qualifications with fewer than one in 10 engineering professionals being female. Why? At GCSE level female students of the sciences outperform their male counterparts and even though a similar proportion of males and females take GCSE Physics, by the time we get to A-level the number of females studying physics has dropped ... Read More »

Student Loan – How Much Will I Pay?

student loan

How do student loan repayments work and what happens when I’ve finished university? When you go off to university you will need to pay tuition fees for your course and you will need to live. There will be accommodation costs, food costs, books and resources to buy and other living expenses. Most of you will need to take out a loan ... Read More »

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