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Top 5 Things for under 25s to learn in 2018

Top 5 things

Top 5 Things for under 25s to learn in 2018 which instantly make you feel super clever and wonderful In January it’s normally all about New Year resolutions. With this in mind, we thought that rather than promising to give up chocolate or go the gym, it would be fun to identify five things that lots of people either struggle with ... Read More »

International Bacca-what? Breaking down the A-level alternative

International Bacca-what? We know ‘International Baccalaureate’ is a bit of a mouthful, so let’s call it IB for short. The IB was created and developed in the late sixties by Wales-based UWC Atlantic College, the International School of Geneva, and the United Nations School of New York, and has become an alternative to national pre-university curriculums, such as A-levels in ... Read More »

Framestore VFX Apprenticeships And Study Options

Image courtesy of Framestore

Discover VFX apprenticeships and study options with Framestore Did you know that the last four visual effects (VFX) Oscars were won by UK companies? Or that most of the VFX for all the Harry Potter films were made here? VFX is an exciting and thriving industry that continues to grow as our work becomes more important to the films, television series ... Read More »

10 Employability Skills That You Need To Succeed

 The following 10 employability skills are all skills that employers want you to have. These 10 employability skills will also help you do your job well, no matter what that job is. Communication skills You need the ability to explain yourself clearly, to listen, and to relate well to other people. Good communication helps people understand what you want or ... Read More »

Can I Do An Apprenticeship If I’m Disabled?

Are you wondering…can I do an apprenticeship if I’m disabled? and how easy will it be? – If so, read on. In 2016/17 there were 484,520 apprenticeship starts and of those, 50,470 had a declared disability or/ learning difficulty – that’s 10.3% Apprenticeships are open to everyone over the age of 16 and eligible to work in England and this ... Read More »

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