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Finance, Banking and Accountancy careers, jobs and qualifications

Careers and jobs in finance, banking and accountancy are available in small and medium organisations, not just the big banks.

The range of jobs in the finance sector is huge – some will require university qualifications, others will not. There are both academic and vocational routes into careers in this field of work and you could choose to study for a vocational qualification at school or college, A-levels or to take the apprenticeship route.

Jobs in the finance, banking and accountancy sector

Types of jobs in this sector include accountants, treasurers, bankers, actuaries, financial advisers and analysts, financial traders, tax inspectors and stockbrokers. You could work for a private firm, in the public sector or be self-employed.


Pensions Administrator Apprenticeship

apprentices earn

As we’re covering financial careers we thought it was a good time to tell you about the new workplace pensions apprenticeship Most companies now are enrolling their employees onto workplace pension schemes. This means that they need more staff to deal with the administration work involved and to support workers so that they understand the scheme. The workplace pensions administrator ... Read More »

Four Finance and Accountancy Career Options

finance and accountacy

Risk-taker, detective, manager or expert adviser – sound like you? If it does, take a look at these four finance and accountancy career options. Stockbroker Stockbrokers support individuals or organisations to make investment decisions. Work activities depend on what service they provide: discretionary which involves managing all investments, buying and selling shares on the client’s behalf, advisory which means advising ... Read More »

Entry Level Financial Roles

entry level finance roles

Want a job in finance where you can start at the bottom and progress? Take a look at these entry level financial roles. Are you interested in a career in finance? If the answer is yes, ask yourself this — how much have you really researched this field? Do you know that there are many jobs available beginning at entry-level? ... Read More »

Is Working In Insurance Boring?


Working in insurance is far from boring. Take a look at four job roles within the sector The world of insurance is varied and it includes many different but equally important people in a variety of roles. All of roles described below require you to have a great eye for detail, the ability to analyse data and good interpersonal skills. ... Read More »

Interested In A Career In Finance Or Accounting?

Interested in a career in Finance or Accounting but didn’t study a related subject at University?     With multiple pathways to qualification, ACCA is available to everyone, whether you studied maths, science or even history. Increasing numbers of organisations are recruiting talent for the finance function from alternative degree disciplines. This stems from the need for well-rounded finance functions ... Read More »

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