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10 Employability Skills That You Need To Succeed

 The following 10 employability skills are all skills that employers want you to have. These 10 employability skills will also help you do your job well, no matter what that job is. Communication skills You need the ability to explain yourself clearly, to listen, and to relate well to other people. Good communication helps people understand what you want or ... Read More »

Employability Skills – Digital You


We all have an online presence. We don’t all have a professional online presence. When it comes to looking for work make sure that you present the best possible digital you. More and more employers are checking out potential employees online. They might take a look at your social media profiles for example. There are a number of ways that ... Read More »

Interview Tips – Competency Questions

Competency Questions

If you are applying for jobs then with a bit of look you’ll be invited to lots of interviews. You may not know what to expect though, for example, what are competency questions? Often you will be told that when you go for your job interview this will be competency-based. What does this mean? Competency is about skills and knowledge ... Read More »

Get Volunteering


With employers focusing increasingly on ‘soft skills’ (positive character traits and the ability to work with others) and experience it has never been more important to get volunteering. The variety of volunteering roles available means positions can enhance and provide unique skill sets and whilst helping out at a local charity shop won’t result in academic qualifications, the experience alone ... Read More »

Study And Work Opportunities in Germany

Student Blogger, Luke tells us about  study and work opportunities in Germany. Studying at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – exchange students My time here was spent having a little look around KIT, which was formed by the merger of the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH and the Universität Karlsruhe (TH) in 2009 and combines the roles of a research centre and a university ... Read More »

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