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Get Volunteering


With employers focusing increasingly on ‘soft skills’ (positive character traits and the ability to work with others) and experience it has never been more important to get volunteering. The variety of volunteering roles available means positions can enhance and provide unique skill sets and whilst helping out at a local charity shop won’t result in academic qualifications, the experience alone ... Read More »

CV Writing Tips

CV writing tips

With hardly any experience, how do you write a CV that will help you get through to the interview stage? Here are some CV writing tips to help you get it right. Even if you’ve never had a job there are lots of ways to show that you’ve got the skills that employers want. There are certain set of skills ... Read More »

Volunteering Benefits


Holly Peters has completed volunteered with Age UK, Plymouth Argyle Community Trust and through the National Citizen Service. She tells us about volunteering benefits. “Volunteering opportunities are only a click away from you and most organisations would be thrilled to take you on as a volunteer, in fact many places rely on volunteers. All it takes is that twenty seconds ... Read More »

What Employability Skills Do I Need?

how to prepare for an interview

To maximise your chances of getting a job you need to make sure that you know what employability skills you need. If you understand where there are skills gaps then you can plan your education and training to make sure that you have the work skills that employers want. What is a skills gap? A skills gap exists when employers ... Read More »

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