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Automotive Industry Careers, Jobs and Qualifications

The automotive industry is HUGE! Automotive careers include engineering and design, manufacture and production, maintenance and repair and sales and marketing.

automotiveAs a major employer in this country, there are all sorts of job and careers available in the automotive industry for anyone with the right skills and qualifications. You could design Formula 1 cars, or work in a garage, fixing engines and bodywork. You could do sales in a luxury car showroom or race go-karts competitively. Even if cars aren’t  your big passion, the automotive industry has loads of exciting jobs on offer.

Why not consider a career in design or product development within the automotive industry? It’s not just the external car body that needs to be designed to perfection. Every last detail – right down to the door handles and the fabric on the seats – needs to be designed from scratch!

A job as an engine designer requires specific qualifications in mechanical engineering and would suit someone with an analytical mind. If you’re a mathematical whizzkid, analysing crash test data could be the dream automotive industry job for you!

The automotive industry is made up of many different businesses and companies, large and small, national and international. There are car manufacturers, parts manufacturers, importers and exporters, as well as small garages and workshops and car valeting companies, all of which offer  exciting career opportunities for the right people with the right skills and qualifications.

Entry requirements for jobs in the automotive industry vary, depending on which kind of job you’d like to do. You could go to your local FE College to do a qualification in car maintenance and repair. You could do an automotive apprenticeship, try for an internship with a big car manufacturer. Alternatively, you could do a degree in mechanical engineering at university.

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Careers In The Automotive Industry

Careers in the automotive industry

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Motor Vehicle Technician

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Careers In Automotive Engineering


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