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Astronomical Aerospace Careers

Aerospace Careers

Aerospace is a huge UK industry. We take a look at how various subjects fit with aerospace careers. When you hear aerospace careers you could be forgiven for thinking only of engineering and manufacturing roles. The aerospace industry like all others relies on lots of people working in many different area and roles. We explore how a variety of subjects ... Read More »

Career Decision Making

Career Decision Making

There are all sorts of different ways to make decisions and different things effect the process – in this blog I talk about career decision making. Take the very simple example of making dinner – how do you decide what to make? In an ideal world, with no limitations, I guess you could just decide based on what you fancy ... Read More »

An apprenticeship? Seriously?

an apprenticeship

Research carried out in the last month suggests that very few students are being advised that an apprenticeship is a valid option when they leave school. In a recent YouGov survey commissioned by leading work-based learning specialist JTL and two of its partners, less than 1 in 12 students reported that they had been advised to consider a work-based apprenticeship ... Read More »

What Level Apprenticeship Is Right For Me?

what level apprenticeship

What level apprenticeship is right for me? It all seems pretty easy when you’re at school right? You do your GCSEs, which are Level 2 qualifications, then you do a vocational course of study at Level 3 or A-levels, which are also Level 3. The question is – what level apprenticeship is right for you? Levels of apprenticeships Intermediate – ... Read More »

Interview Tips – Competency Questions

Competency Questions

If you are applying for jobs then with a bit of look you’ll be invited to lots of interviews. You may not know what to expect though, for example, what are competency questions? Often you will be told that when you go for your job interview this will be competency-based. What does this mean? Competency is about skills and knowledge ... Read More »

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