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Law Careers, Jobs and Qualifications

Law careers, jobs and qualifications vary greatly. From barristers to legal secretaries, there are a great many ways to work with the legal field.

With many legal roles come many ways to access those roles, including via university study, school leaver programmes and apprenticeships.

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The Law Academy is a private legal training company specialising in Chartered Legal Executive training. Based in Liverpool City Centre, we offer the courses as class based part time courses or online E-learning.

The Law Academy is accredited by The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and we are now in our 10th year of accreditation.

We offer the courses to become a qualified Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer at a competitive price together with support from our experienced bank of tutors. We aim to make our courses flexible and affordable to enable people to study and learn while they work and earn.

Our team of Directors and Tutors are passionate about making Law a feasible study option for anyone who wants to become a qualified lawyer without going to University. Law degree graduates also study with us post degree on our Graduate Fast-Track Diploma.

You can contact The Law Academy Ltd by emailing or you can telephone 0151 227 2666 to discuss your training needs


Criminal Intelligence Analyst Career Option

manifestos on education

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to protect national security and prevent crime – read on to discover how to become a criminal intelligence analyst. A criminal intelligence analyst collects and analyses data relating to crime, discovers patterns and interprets trends. They do this to protect national security and to help prevent organised crime. Being an intelligence ... Read More »

Legal Services Apprenticeships

legal services apprenticeships

Careers in legal services are varied. They include paralegals, chartered legal executives, solicitors, licensed conveyancers and conveyancing technicians, all of which are available through legal services apprenticeships. Legal services apprenticeships that exist now include: The conveyancing technician apprenticeship The role Conveyancing Technicians work under the direct supervision of an authorised Person, a qualified individual authorised by an approved regulator to ... Read More »

A Flexible Route To Becoming A Lawyer

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If you are looking for a flexible route to becoming a lawyer, the Chartered Institute of Legal Executive qualifications are flexible and affordable. It offers a very different approach to studying Law than the traditional university route. Courses are designed to fit around you being able to work full time and study with The Law Academy on a part time ... Read More »

Healthcare Law Careers –All You Need To Know About Jobs in Medical Law

healthcare law

Healthcare law is a great area to specialise in if you know that you want to be a lawyer but you’re not sure of all the options the law profession offers. You may not have considered a legal career specialising in healthcare law, as you may not have gone beyond thinking that you simply want to be a lawyer.  However, ... Read More »

Careers In Law Besides Being A Barrister

I don't want to go to uni

Working in the legal sector doesn’t automatically mean becoming a solicitor or a barrister. Here are four careers in law that you may not have considered. Legal Executive Career The role of a legal executive is similar to that of a solicitor and a chartered legal executive is a lawyer. One difference is that legal executives specialise in one area ... Read More »

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