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Working in Digital Media

The world of digital media is fast-paced and IT driven and there are likely to be plenty of jobs out there, as it’s a growth industry. Here are a few job roles in IT and media you may not have heard of…


Most media IT jobs involve you working on your own part of a project but as part of a team. You might be working on mobile app or website development, in print or digital publications, in e-commerce or in TV or film. This means that it is really important that you are a team-player and that you understand the importance of getting your bit of the job done to a deadline.

Scrum master

The scrum master drives and guides a complex team of developers and designers to complete their jobs and tracking progress. Each team member has their own project management responsibilities (this is called agile project management) but the responsibility for completion of the whole project is divided amongst the scrum master and other team members.

Graphic designer

Whether working on the design elements of a magazine or a website, the graphic designer works with other team members to conceptualize ideas, create graphics and icons. It is their job to make sure that the product owner gets their ideas presented as they want and that the end user has the best experience. Graphic designers work with visual design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Maya.

Front-end developer

Whenever you access a website or app you can thank (or not) the front-end developer for all their hard work and programming to make sure that your visual and interactive experience is a good one. Nowadays, front-end development (so-called because it’s the bit that you see and use directly) needs to allow for usability in any cross-operating system, cross-browser and cross-device.

Back-end developer

Whilst the front-end developer is busy making sure that you can see and interact with the app or the website, the back-end developer is developing the components and features that sit behind the front end (user interface) and which basically provide the functionality.  They use programming languages such as Ruby, PHP and Java.

Full stack developer

Any control freaks or ‘jacks of all trades’ out there might like to do both front-end and back-end development. These people are called full stack developers and where pay is based on ‘awesomeness’, this would definitely be something to mention!

Web editor

All the design and development in the world isn’t going to help if the content on your website is unreadable. Web editors review content and improve it, so this role requires a pretty good combination of English and IT skills and you might need some confidence with Photoshop or basic HTML as well as knowing about search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques.

Technical production assistant

Technical production assistants work with editors and this job can be a great way to start your journalistic career.  Production assistants sub-edit copy and also set text with images so some image editing skills are needed. To do this job, familiarity with content management systems is necessary as well as a working knowledge of publishing law.

Data journalist

Finally, a relatively new and exciting IT media role is that of the data journalist.  Gathering up data, combining it with other data, analysing it, drawing conclusions and presenting this data in the form of static or interactive infographics is the job of the data journalist.

Some words and phrases you might not be familiar with

Search engine optimisation (SEO) improves your website ranking using keywords and links.

Content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modifying of content from a central point.

UI or GUI stands for user interface (graphic user interface) and it’s where human and machine interacts.

UX is short for user experience and as a designer / developer you want it to be good.

Wireframe is a visual representation of a website framework – a kind of blueprint.

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