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Working in social media and digital marketing


Digital marketing and social media roles are a relatively new and expanding area in business – find out about these jobs…

DDCDigital Marketing is the marketing of products and promotion of business through digital media. Typically this is through the internet; however the development of technology means this happens through devices such as smartphones, tablets and game consoles too.

Due to the huge expansion of social media, and its frequent use, it is becoming increasingly popular as a platform for advertising. The role of social media can increase branding and recognition, leading up to businesses expanding upon the online community to gain potential customers.

Digital marketers do also use the internet and websites as a way of recruiting for their corporations, to discover new talent as well as to promote their companies brand and run campaigns. For more information on digital marketing visit the IDM.

There are various ways to get into jobs within the digital marketing industry and not all involve going to university.  Many companies offer apprenticeships within the marketing sector and this includes digital marketing and social media. Apprenticeships will teach you electronic marketing techniques, crucial communication and research skills as well as how to promote the company across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Apprenticeships in this field are available at intermediate and advanced levelApprenticeships in this field are available at intermediate and advanced level and therefore the qualifications that you need to do these vary, with some employers asking for A-levels as an entry requirement.

Roles that you can train in include social media assistant and consultant, search marketing assistant, mobile marketing assistant, web design assistant and many more.  We’ve got more great articles on using social media for work on our IT industry page.

University is another route into a job within digital marketing and the preferred degree is in a subject that will enhance creativity as well as communication and written skills, for example, business or psychology if you choose not to do a specific degree in digital marketing. The entry requirements for these types of courses will range from 240 upwards dependent on the university itself and the duration of the course.

For a job in digital marketing, you will need a passion and interest for developing technologies as well as a good deal of creativity. Many people starting out in a career in digital marketing begin in small localised companies before working for bigger business that work globally.

The more you work and gain experience, as well as knowledge, the more senior your position becomes. Salaries within digital marketing average £33,000 per annum depending on the size of company as well as the position.

Written by student contributor Alice Penwill, Freman College

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