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Fancy a career in the cutting edge world of app design? Here’s how to take steps to get closer to that target.

Here’s the lowdown. There are two types of app design – front end and back end. Front end development consists of the design, layout and interactive user interface content. Front end app designers need to have creative flair and knowledge of what looks good and which will present well on a smart phone or tablet. By contrast, the back end app design deals with the more technical side of app construction like the coding process for example. If you haven’t heard of the coding phenomenon, where have you been?!! Have a look at this website for more info:

How does app design work?

Think of an app as being like a bike. The front end designer creates the body work, chooses the colour scheme and designs the handlebar shape and the overall look of the bike. The back end designer develops the brakes, sorts out the mechanical stuff needed to build the bike and deals with all the technical things a bike needs to function properly and run smoothly. App design works in the same way. 


If you’re currently considering your GCSEs or A-Level options then it’s key to make choices that will help you to achieve your app design career goal. If you aspire to being a front end designer, courses such as graphic design can be beneficial as you’ll gain the creative and artistic skills you will need to stand out in this competitive field. Alternatively, if you prefer the idea of being a back end app developer then an IT-based course will be more useful to you as it will equip you with the technical, nuts and bolts skills required for this area of app design.

Courses and degrees

Software Development courses as offered by Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen have a good reputation for offering a ‘foot in the door’ of the industry from a technical and creative perspective. It’s a two year top-up programme which will lead to an honours degree. You’ll gain the knowledge to progress further into app design and all you need to know is covered on this course. With bags of determination, your ambition to be employed as either a front end app designer or back end developer can be a reality.


For those who don’t want to study app design at university, the good news is that it’s not essential to gain a degree in the subject in order to work in this field.  You could do an internship at one of many of the many app design companies which have cropped up in the last few years. If you want to be a front end designer then doing an internship may be a better option for you. 


Apprenticeships are another excellent option. There are lots of pioneering software development companies who offer apprenticeships in the IT sector.

So there you have it. What’s stopping you? Design, develop or code your way to the career you’ve always dreamed of! For more info on jobs in IT go to our dedicated web page.

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