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Software Developer Higher Apprenticeship

cyber-security specialist

Would you like the opportunity to develop your skills at one of the world’s leading digital archives? The National Archives is looking for motivated and creative individuals to join us as Higher Level Apprentice Software Developers. About the software developer higher apprenticeship What will people in the future know about us today? When so much of what’s happening is digital, ... Read More »

Information Technology Careers Of The Future

data scientist

It’s important to think about careers of the future when deciding your career path. Here we take a look at some up-and-coming careers in IT. Technology never stands still and it is said that we are entering the digital revolution. If a career in IT is something that you are considering, take a look at what kind of roles will ... Read More »

Cutting Edge Careers In Technology

careers in technology

A recent report credits technological advancements for creating jobs over the last century. Here are just a few cutting edge careers in technology that are sure to tempt you. New technology has created whole new industries and expanded older ones. Newer and bigger industries create a larger demand for workers; put simply — more gadgets equals more jobs. mHealth Standing ... Read More »

New And Unusual Apprenticeships

apprenticeship and a traineeship

There are some new and unusual apprenticeships well worth considering. Apprenticeships are nothing new. In fact they are very, very old really and have always represented a way of training up staff, let’s take a look at some of your questions about apprenticeships as well as a few of the newly approved standards. Can I still get a degree if ... Read More »

QA Apprenticeships – Be part of the future

QA Apprenticeships

Technology drives our lives It’s in your smartphone. It’s on the bus with you. It’s what makes vlogging possible. It’s helping us explore the universe, and understand our bodies. Whether you’re ordering clothes online, or Facetiming your friends, you’re surrounded by technology – and if that excites you, then keep reading. Be part of the future There’s a world of ... Read More »

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