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UK Skills Shortage Occupation Two Orchestral Musician

orchestral musician

This is the second instalment in a series of blogs that provide information on occupational roles that UK employers struggle to fill and here we take a look at the role of orchestral musician. There are regional differences in the skills and occupations where employers are experiencing shortages and throughout this series we will endeavour to provide information on where ... Read More »

Arts And Humanities Degrees

arts and humanities

Studying for an arts or humanities degree does not limit you to working as an artist, actor or teacher in the future. Discover how arts and humanities relate to the world of work here. Although there is a lot of talk about how important STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) study is and technological careers of the future, many of ... Read More »

Costume And Wardrobe Careers In Film TV Or Theatre

costume and wardrobe

Costume and wardrobe assistants, supervisors and designers work in theatre, film and TV behind the scenes making the characters and therefore the overall production look as intended. This might mean setting the scene as regards the time period, social status being portrayed or expressing elements of key characters through costume. There is no ‘one’ route into this career and often ... Read More »

Industrial designer? What’s one of those and what’s the job all about?

industrial design

Ever wondered, ‘How was this object designed and made?’ If the answer is yes, why not have a look at what is involved in a career as an industrial designer. What does an industrial designer do? An industrial designer, also known as a product designer, researches, designs, invents and creates objects that are functional but which also have to be ... Read More »

Architecture degree? Get advice from a real life architecture student

architecture degree

Want to be an architect? Lots of people say they do, so here’s some useful advice from a fourth year architecture degree student at the University of Bath. Ask most architecture students why they chose to study for an architecture degree and you’re likely to hear this, “Doing an architecture degree offered the best balance between my interest in science ... Read More »

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