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Computing Careers -Data Scientist Cyber Security Specialist Shader Writer and UX Designer

If you like working at a computer, you might really like the sound of one of these computing careers, some more unusual than others. There are some important jobs that the UK doesn’t have enough people for. These include lots of computing roles. We take a look at four here, data scientist, cyber-security specialist, shader writer and UX designer. What ... Read More »

Working As A Writer – If words are your thing then read on

working as a writer

If words are your thing and your dream job would be writing them all day then read on and find out about working as a writer. Being a writer doesn’t necessarily mean being the next J K Rowling. In reality not many people make a living as novelist. There are lots of jobs that involve writing. Here are a few ... Read More »

Careers In Writing – Editorial Assistant

editorial assistant

If you’re organised, a quick learner and you’re great at grammar and spelling, how do you fancy working as an editorial assistant? The publishing process is a complex one and working as an editorial assistant can be a job that gives you plenty of variety in your working day. There are several sub-divisions of the publishing industry including book, journal, ... Read More »

Framestore VFX Apprenticeships And Study Options

Image courtesy of Framestore

Discover VFX apprenticeships and study options with Framestore Did you know that the last four visual effects (VFX) Oscars were won by UK companies? Or that most of the VFX for all the Harry Potter films were made here? VFX is an exciting and thriving industry that continues to grow as our work becomes more important to the films, television series ... Read More »

What’s it actually like working as a Foley artist? We asked Lou Brown.

working as a Foley artist

If you are into sound, engineering, editing – have you investigated the role of Foley artist? What is a Foley Artist? Named after pioneering sound effects artist Jack Foley, a Foley artist or Foley editor is the person who uses a variety of everyday objects to create or recreate the actions made by characters and the objects they interact with. ... Read More »

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