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Hospitality And Catering Careers A to Z

hospitality and catering careers

The hospitality and catering industry is ever-growing with a wide variety of career pathways. Whether your flair lies in food preparation or organisation, there are job opportunities for you.

Barista: Specially trained in preparing a variety of hot and cold beverages, including coffee based drinks such as espressos. Baristas can be found in a variety of locations, ranging from coffee shops to hotel bars.

Commis chef: An entry level job in a kitchen, consisting mainly of preparing ingredients for the rest of the team including measuring ingredients and portion control. Read our interview with Jacob Slaughter, commis chef at Claridges.

Development chef: Specialising in creating and developing new products and recipes as well as conducting costumer testing and presenting new ideas to restaurants other trade specialists and suppliers.

Events manager: Managing projects from planning through to execution, the events manager coordinates staff and events such as weddings. They work closely with restaurant teams.

Food and beverage supervisor: Responsible for many of the business operations in a restaurant, this includes the training and hiring of staff but also overseeing inventory and supplies of food and drinks.

Head chef: The head chef has overall responsibility for the kitchen. Duties include maintaining food quality standards, overview of staff, costings and also the development of menus.

Junior sous chef: Acting as an assistant to a sous chef, the role includes food preparation, taking note of inventory and overseeing the kitchen. Usually this position can be found in larger kitchens.

Kitchen assistant: This role focuses more on the hygienic side of the industry. Kitchen assistants keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Other tasks include basic preparation such as chopping or peeling vegetables.

Maître d’hôtel: Based in the front of house, the maître d’hôtel controls a section of a restaurant and a small section of staff. Customer service is key; they act as the face of the restaurant when greeting costumers.

Publican: Also known as pub landlords, publicans run licensed pubs. Building good relationships is vital alongside stocktaking, maintaining the condition of the alcohol and customer service.

Restaurant manager: Overseeing their restaurant and staff is key to this role, making sure that the customers are satisfied with the food, service and their overall dining experience.

Sommelier: Also known as a wine waiter, a sommelier can be found in higher end restaurants. Specialising in wine service and assisting the costumer in selecting a wine that is complimentary to their meal.

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