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Go The Distance – Online Learning

online learning

With huge tuition fees and the removal of maintenance grants – is the answer online learning?

Online learning where you can pay your fees as you go, with each module that you study offer a serious alternative to full time study courses that require you to take out finance for fees and living costs. Distance learning courses are often a lot cheaper than traditional classroom based courses and they also have the advantage that if you want to, you can work whilst fitting your studies in around your job.

What might some of the other benefits be to online learning?

You can ‘meet’ students from all over the world, making your virtual classroom really interesting and diverse – for many courses finding out what things are like and what issues exist in other parts of the world can be really helpful to your understanding of a topic.

The flexibility to work at a time that suits you really suits some people – for example if you’re an early bird and you want to get up and get on with it, or you’re a night owl and you like to get on with your study when everyone else has gone to bed.

Are there any drawbacks to online learning?

Distance learning isn’t for everyone. You need to be disciplined and motivate yourself to do the work.

For some people, not being able to meet up with other students and share the classroom is a downside.

Online and distance learning courses make it possible for those who need or want to, to work whilst studying for a qualification. They offer flexibility and they are often cheaper than full time courses, so well worth at least look into.





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