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What to wear to work

Dear Annie, I am starting work experience with a national company and they have ‘dress down Friday’ and I don’t know what to wear. I was told it meant ‘business causal’ at the interview – what does that mean as I don’t want to look ridiculous on my second day at work! Jason Hey Jason, It is a common problem ... Read More »

Controlling parents

Dear Annie, My parents are controlling my life forever, always pushing me to get good grades. How can I tell them I don’t want to go to university to become a lawyer? My parents don’t listen, coming back with they know best. How can I tell them what I want without them going mad at me? Paul Hello Paul, OK, ... Read More »


Dear Annie, I am really concerned about going to uni when I have anorexia. My doctor said he will write and refer me to the University Counselling Service, but I don’t want him to as I don’t know who they will tell, like all my tutors or what? I am in recovery but it is hard for me to keep ... Read More »


Dear Annie, I need your help as my friends are picking on me 24/7 and I don’t feel safe anywhere. They are saying stuff on Facebook, excluding me from school on-line groups, and leaving messages using my phone. I am beginning to feel numb and out of control. My parents say stay off-line and switch off my phone, but i ... Read More »

Freaking Out About Money

Dear Annie, I‘m starting university in September and I’m freaking out about money already! It’s doing my head in and adding to the pressure to get good grades. My Dad has given me the ‘we don’t do debt’ talk. I have a monthly allowance from my parents but I’m always skint halfway through the month. How am I going to ... Read More »

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