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Dear Annie – I want to travel to Iceland

Dear Annie, I want to travel to Iceland as it is my last summer before I go to university to do marketing and public relations and my parents want me to ‘build my CV’ by volunteering all summer for a local PR company. Why can’t they see how important this is to me? I promised myself a year out if ... Read More »

Dear Annie – little sister is a pain

Dear Annie, My little sister is a pain. She won’t stay out of my room and I’ve got no privacy. She has her own room but shoves her way into mine whenever I’m listening to my music. How can I get my parents to get her out of my way? Sean  Hey Sean, It’s so difficult when you don’t feel ... Read More »

Dear Annie – I don’t want to work at a desk

Dear Annie, My dad said I should go and work for a blue chip company like the National Grid that will give me job security, but I don’t want to work at a desk. What can I do? Jake Hello Jake, A blue chip company is a company that is very strong financially, with a solid track record of producing ... Read More »

Dear Annie – I don’t know what to do with my life

Dear Annie, I just don’t know what to do with my life. My mum keeps going on to me about how I’ve got it made as I’ve got GCSE’s and will do ok in my A-levels and can do anything. I just keep going round in circles as I’m not really interested in anything. My careers teacher says one thing, ... Read More »

Dear Annie – I can’t sleep

Dear Annie, I can’t sleep. Hardip Hello Hardip, Sleeplessness is a real problem. Your body needs sleep to repair itself. The side effects can lead to mood swings within moments, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, along with your body just not working effectively. You may yearn for carb-rich, fatty foods or caffeine drinks. These can make your energy levels seesaw dramatically, ... Read More »

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