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GCSE Results Day 2017

GCSE Results Day 2017

It’s GCSE Results Day 2017. Hopefully all of your hard work has paid off and you’re smiling.

GCSE Results Day 2017Getting your GCSE results

Don’t forget – you’re looking for grade 9 – 4 in English, English literature and maths! 9 is the highest you can get and 4 is equal to a C grade. New GCSE grades explained.

If everything hasn’t gone as well as you had hoped, don’t panic. Speak with a teacher and find out what your options are.

I think my GCSE results may be wrong!

If you receive your results and you think that they might be wrong it is important to speak to a teacher immediately. You cannot apply for a re-mark yourself and your parents cannot do so either. This must be done by your school or college.

What are my options?

There are three types of enquiries about results that can be made:

Clerical re-check – this will check that clerical procedures that led to the recording of your result were all performed correctly.

Marking review1 (normal) – this is a review of the original marking to make sure that the mark scheme was applied properly.

Marking review2 (priority) – this is the same as above but this service is reserved for students whose place at university is dependent on them.

Get ready – our top tips for results day

  • Eat breakfast – whether you feel like it or not – going hungry will make you feel more nervous than if you have eaten something.
  • Don’t compare yourself with other people – how well or badly anyone else has done isn’t the important thing – these are your results so own them and see them in line with what is important to you – not anyone else.
  • Talk to family or friends – if you knew as soon as you left the exam room that you’d bombed for whatever reason, talk to your parents or a teacher rather than dreading them finding out on the day – that way you can prepare for this together and some up with a plan.
  • Don’t panic – above all, whatever happens, it is not the end of the world. Second chances and alternative plans exist and panicking or giving up doesn’t solve anything!

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