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Family problems

Dear Annie, I’ve had a rubbish time with my family. My mum’s boyfriend and his kid finally moved in with us and my mum told my brother and me that she’s having a baby.  I just hate it. I feel like I’m in the middle of everything and no one is listening to me, but I don’t want to move ... Read More »

I want to be a famous actor…

Dear Annie, All I want is to be a famous actor.  I’m always asked to take the lead in productions at school but I’m worried I don’t look buff enough. My parents say I look perfect and that bulking up then slimming down will ruin my ‘teenage’ looks. I need a modelling contract to pay for the time when I’m ... Read More »

Strange shaped mole! Do I need to see a Doctor?

Dear Annie, I have a strange shaped mole thing that has grown over the summer on the bottom of my foot; do I need to see a Doctor? Claire Hey Claire, Yes I would. It could just be an inactive verruca, scar or a stubborn spot; but I would always suggest that you get anything unusual checked out to put ... Read More »

My parent’s don’t listen to me

Dear Annie, I’ve left home to go to Uni, I’m an 18 year old adult so why don’t my parents listen to my opinions? Josh Hello Josh, Well done on getting your grades and attending the university you wanted to go to! This is a period of slow transition for your parents. Maybe in their eyes you have gone from ... Read More »

Making friends on my apprenticeship

Dear Annie, How can I make friends where I am doing my apprenticeship? Evie Hey Evie, Each person has something that you can connect with if you open yourself up to sharing with them. Be interested don’t be judgemental, look past your initial perception and speak to the whole person. The risk of being belittled, ignored or just laughed at ... Read More »

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