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A Guide to University Open Days 2015-16

university open days

Going to university Open Days to have a good look around the places you would like to do your degree, is ESSENTIAL! You’ll be committing three years of your life to studying in one place and only YOU can choose the right course and the right location. Here’s the Moving On guide to this important event. All universities hold Open ... Read More »

Cash incentives


Managing cash is a life skill you can’t do without – get the know-how now and you’ll be financially literate for life. Whether you’re off to college or starting your first job, managing your own money might be something you haven’t given much thought to – you probably haven’t had that much money to manage up until now! But knowing ... Read More »

How to change course at college – make the change


If you change your mind about what you’re studying at college or university you can change course – as long as you tackle it the right way. Many students change course or transfer to another university in their first year – usually during their first term. To avoid this happening to you, do as much research as you can about ... Read More »

Top tips for student life

had enough of school

Read our super-sensible guide to a successful student life! Student finance Make sure you’ve applied for your student finance and that you know what to expect. You can apply and keep track of your finances at: Student bank account  There are some great deals out there, with many banks and building societies offering tempting freebies to students but before ... Read More »

Dear Annie – I want to travel to Iceland


Dear Annie, I want to travel to Iceland as it is my last summer before I go to university to do marketing and public relations and my parents want me to ‘build my CV’ by volunteering all summer for a local PR company. Why can’t they see how important this is to me? I promised myself a year out if ... Read More »

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