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Apprentice of the Year

apprentice of the year

We interviewed the 2016 Apprentice of the Year Award winners fresh from the podium and asked them about their experiences. Allow us to introduce you to the Apprentice of the Year Award winners – three young people who want to tell you about their experience of apprenticeships. Charlotte is the winner of the Intermediate Apprentice of the Year Award. She ... Read More »

Celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2017 With Us

five favourite apprenticeships

National Apprenticeship Week kicks off on Monday and it’s the tenth anniversary of the week-long celebration so let’s take a look at apprenticeships. For some young people what an apprenticeship is sadly remains a bit of a mystery – in short, it’s a job with training and sometimes a qualification attached to it.  You find out in detail what an ... Read More »

Gas Engineering Apprenticeship

T Levels

Gas engineers are responsible for the installation, repair and ongoing service of gas appliances. Student writer Luke takes a look at the Gas Engineer Apprenticeship for us. Gas engineers can work with a number of appliances including central heating boilers, cookers, unvented hot water storage, alternative fuel, meters and boosters, and testing and purging for industrial pipework. What you’ll learn ... Read More »

Which Apprenticeships Are Most Popular?

Which Apprenticeships Are Most Popular

We investigated to see which apprenticeships are most popular in the last five years – find out which are below Which apprenticeships are most popular?  – the most popular apprenticeships in England are business, administration and law, Health, Public Services and Care, Retail and commercial enterprise, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies and Construction, Planning and the Built Environment. Business, Administration and ... Read More »

How Much Do Apprentices Earn?

apprentices earn

How much apprentices earn depends on their age and on how far into their apprenticeship they are. I’m 16, what will I earn on an apprenticeship? If you are between 16 and 19 you will earn a minimum of £3.40 per hour as an apprentice. I’m 19, what will I earn on an apprenticeship? If you are 19 years old ... Read More »

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