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Has Too Much Social Networking Stunted Your Social Intelligence?

Are you putting your career chances at risk by spending too much time on social media instead of gaining social intelligence by actually talking to people? “Adolescents who want to get ahead at work need to spend a bit less time on their smartphones and get an awful lot better at studying the codes that come in flesh. They need ... Read More »

Should The Police Shut Down Your Social Media To Stop Cyberbullying?

Police Community Support Officers have been going into classrooms to delete Facebook profiles, due to fear of cyberbullying. But should they be doing this? Tom Bennett, a teacher and the Government’s behavioural expert explained, “Community police officers are coming into the classroom to try to establish what’s going on in Facebook conversations.” However, he noted that many young people found ... Read More »

Digital Marketing Jobs SEO Careers

dream career - novelist

Nearly everyone uses digital marketing to big themselves up – and businesses are no exception! Digital marketing is basically the promotion of products or brands, via one or more forms of electronic media. As more and more companies and organisations engage with consumers by using digital platforms such as the internet and social media, the role of digital marketing is ... Read More »

What does a social media intern do all day?

Social Media Intern

Charlotte Warwick is a social media intern for hit music station, Capital FM. We wanted to know what she’s doing on her internship, so we got her to keep a day diary for us.  Work starts at 9am and as a social media intern at Capital Radio, which is part of the Global Radio group, I spend my journey checking ... Read More »

Working in social media and digital marketing


Digital marketing and social media roles are a relatively new and expanding area in business – find out about these jobs… Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and promotion of business through digital media. Typically this is through the internet; however the development of technology means this happens through devices such as smartphones, tablets and game consoles too. Due ... Read More »

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