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Working As A Recruitment Consultant

recruitment consultantMatchmaking Careers

Are you a natural matchmaker? If so, maybe a career in recruitment would suit you.

Recruitment consultants place people looking for jobs with employers who want workers. If you’re great at speaking with and listening to people as well as negotiating, then you might enjoy this job.

This job involves discussing what the employer wants, advertising jobs, finding candidates, reviewing their CVs and setting up interviews.

The skills and characteristics that are important for a career as a recruitment consultant include:

  • Being able to manage your time
  • Persistence and determination
  • Being able to meet deadlines
  • Being able to solve problems
  • Networking.If your ambition is to work in a management position, then a professional management qualification or a degree might be helpful but there’s no requirement for a degree. Skills, personality and experience are important to success in the job. There are apprenticeships in recruitment out there too that you could look for.
  • As a recruitment consultant, the chances are that you will earn a basic salary and work on a commission basis. Starting salaries can be between £15,000 and £20,000 and if you are good at your job, with experience you could earn up to £60,000.
  • If you can see yourself working in recruitment, there are several ways that you can get into recruitment. You can get into it straight away or you could move into it after doing something related like sales, marketing, a customer service role or HR.

What’s it like to work in recruitment?

We spoke to Sophie who worked as a recruitment consultant before moving into a sales executive role.“I got into recruitment from a customer service background. I didn’t plan for a career in recruitment, it found me really.

Working in recruitment really suits people who enjoy a variety of work. Every day is different and your role covers being a sales person, doing administrative work and doing some marketing work too so you’ve really got to enjoy doing it all and working in a busy environment.

I would call companies to find out how they recruit staff and then get them on board as clients. After this I would start advertising positions and finding suitable candidates.


Sophie tells us what it’s like working in recruitment

Every agency works differently when it comes to pay and rewards and I was paid a basic salary and then once I had placed a candidate with an employer I would be paid commission, which was a percentage of the fee that the client was charged.

The best bit about working in recruitment is the flexibility, the variety of work, and the busy and challenging environment.

The hardest bit is definitely dealing with disappointment, like when a candidate leaves the job after a few days, letting you and your client down. If this happened it could ruin my relationship with the client, who was unhappy and I could lose my commission after I’d put lots of work and time into it.

Working in recruitment can help you develop all sorts of skills that are useful in other job roles like negotiation, communication, customer service, writing skills which you have to use when you are creating adverts, admin and payroll skills, working with figures and forecasting and most importantly time management skills. This means that working in recruitment can prepare you for other roles like sales or customer service.

When it comes to personal character building, working in recruitment really builds your confidence and teaches you how to be assertive without being brash. It also develops your resilience because you have to learn how to deal with knock-backs and not let it get you down. If you’re not resilient, don’t enjoy a challenge and if you don’t like a variety of work then you won’t enjoy recruitment”


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