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Ryan Yasin wins prestigious James Dyson Award

You’ll grow into it – 24 year-old ex- aeronautical engineering student and designer Ryan Yasin wins the prestigious James Dyson Award after he invents outfits that grow, fitting children aged six-months to three years old.

What inspired Ryan’s invention? Well he noticed how quickly his nephew grew out of the clothing gifts that he gave him and decided to do something about it… Petit Pli.

The clothing employs Negative Poisson’s ratio, (sometimes called anti-rubber because the materials become fatter when stretched, rather than thinner as rubber does). These materials, also known as auxetics, are often used as stents and for biomedical implants. They become thicker perpendicular to the applied force when they are stretched.

Take a look in the video below.

Last year’s winner of the award was Isis shiffer, who designed a foldable helmet made of cardboard, which is expected to go on sale this year.

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