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The Path To Becoming A Software Engineer

becoming a software engineer

Emma Portman, Test and Training Manager at global engineering technologies company Renishaw, talks to us about the path to becoming a software engineer.

According to a recent report, around 50 per cent of candidates have applied for a job that they are not qualified to do. To be considered for a position, candidates are encouraged to have experience from a range of sources, both academically and in a work environment. Businesses are doing more to encourage people to work in sectors, such as software engineering, by helping them gain the necessary qualifications and experience. As well as actively recruiting for permanent roles, many companies provide schemes for students and recent graduates that integrate work experience into their studies.

Misconceptions of the software engineering industry

A common misconception of the software engineering industry is that the main component of any job in the sector is writing code. While this is an integral skill for many roles, many industries use sophisticated software systems that require engineers with a range of skills to work in roles such as project manager, software tester and business analyst. The variety of roles available in the engineering sector allows candidates to choose a career path based on their specific skill set.

Personal skills, experience and interests may dictate what path to take when pursuing a career in software engineering. The most common paths are general recruitment, a degree apprenticeship after completing either A-Levels or a BTEC, or a graduate scheme after university. Renishaw is one of the many companies supporting the growth of the software engineering sector through these schemes and frequent recruitment. However, before they reach employment, candidates should carefully consider what subjects to study and personally research earlier in their academic or working life to extend their knowledge of the industry.

    About Renishaw
    UK-based Renishaw is a world leading engineering technologies company, supplying products used for applications as diverse as jet engine and wind turbine manufacture, through to dentistry and brain surgery. It has over 4,000 employees located in the 35 countries where it has wholly owned subsidiary operations.


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