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What Level Apprenticeship Is Right For Me?

What level apprenticeship is right for me? It all seems pretty easy when you’re at school right? You do your GCSEs, which are Level 2 qualifications, then you do a vocational course of study at Level 3 or A-levels, which are also Level 3.

The question is – what level apprenticeship is right for you?

Levels of apprenticeships

Intermediate – Level 2

Advanced – Level 3

Higher – including Degree – Levels 4 – 7

With any education and training you want to be progressing upwards rather than simply gathering qualifications at the same level. Apprenticeships can be slightly different however. This is because employers can decide for themselves what entry requirements they have for their apprenticeship programmes.

As a general rule though:

You can apply for an intermediate apprenticeship without any formal qualifications and show that you are capable of completing the programme.

Advanced apprenticeships will normally ask for you to have GCSEs.

Higher apprenticeships might include 5 GCSEs and Level 3 qualifications (some are very specific and will ask for 3 A-levels at certain grades or for specific subjects.

It is possible though to undertake an apprenticeship, which technically is the same level as your study. This may even be useful where the apprenticeship is in an area of work that you have no experience in and no relevant qualifications.

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