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UK Skills Shortage Occupation One Chemical Engineer

chemical engineer

This is the first instalment of a series of blogs that provide information on occupational roles that employers struggle to fill. In this article we take a look at the role of the chemical engineer. There are regional differences in the skills and occupations where employers are experiencing shortages and throughout this series we will endeavour to provide information on ... Read More »

Gas Engineering Apprenticeship

gas engineering apprenticeship

Gas engineers are responsible for the installation, repair and ongoing service of gas appliances. Student writer Luke takes a look at the Gas Engineer Apprenticeship for us. Gas engineers can work with a number of appliances including central heating boilers, cookers, unvented hot water storage, alternative fuel, meters and boosters, and testing and purging for industrial pipework. What you’ll learn ... Read More »

Study Options For An Engineering Career

study options for an engineering career

Engineering is a very broad term. There are many disciplines within engineering, from acoustic to textile engineering and plenty that you probably haven’t even heard of like nanoengineering. So, what are the study options for an engineering career? Let’s begin at the beginning. If you are about to choose your GCSEs then make sure that you really put the effort ... Read More »

Engineering In The Food Industry

Food Engineering

We all need to eat and the choices that we have now are many and always increasing, but how do we know that what we buy to eat is safe and how do companies in the food industry come up with things like gluten free versions of our favourite meals and make sure that the packaging that they use is ... Read More »

Why You Should Consider A Career In Engineering

why you should consider a career in engineering

There are several very good reasons why you should consider a career in engineering. Here are a few of them. Reason number 1 why you should consider a career in engineering –  skills shortages Did you know that skills shortages in the UK mean that many engineering jobs are listed on the UK shortage occupation list? If you are looking ... Read More »

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