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Engineers – They’re Everywhere!


Engineers shape the world we live in, by designing, testing and improving almost every product or process you can think of. Engineers are essential team members in more industries than you might think, including space, transport, medicine, technology, food, fashion, construction and many more. It’s also worth noting that jobs in this sector are very well paid. Design is all ... Read More »

The Path To Becoming A Software Engineer

becoming a software engineer

Emma Portman, Test and Training Manager at global engineering technologies company Renishaw, talks to us about the path to becoming a software engineer. According to a recent report, around 50 per cent of candidates have applied for a job that they are not qualified to do. To be considered for a position, candidates are encouraged to have experience from a ... Read More »

Studies And Soft Skills For A Career As A Software Engineer

career as a software engineer

Emma Portman, Test and Training Manager at global engineering technologies company Renishaw, explains the studies and soft skills needed for a career as a software engineer. Studies for software engineering When students first consider software engineering as a career path, it is important to choose courses that suit the preferred software roles. Choosing subjects based around science and maths can ... Read More »

Technicians Keep Industry Going – Discover 4 Technician Roles


  Whether it’s process, mechanical, electrical, chemical or software or engineering, technicians keep industry going.   The food and drink industry is the largest engineering and manufacturing sector in the UK and other industries like aerospace are growing. When you think about a career in engineering or manufacturing you might automatically think about getting a degree and becoming a professional engineer, forgetting ... Read More »

UK Skills Shortage Occupation 21 Engineering Geologist

engineering geologist

This is the fourth instalment in a series of blogs that provide information on occupational roles that employers struggle to fill. In this article we take a look at the role of the engineering geologist. There are regional differences in the skills and occupations where employers are experiencing shortages and throughout this series we will endeavour to provide information on ... Read More »

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