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A-level Choices – Do Your Homework Or Get It Wrong And Lose Out

A-level choices

Your A-level choices wouldn’t be art, drama and music if you knew you wanted to do a degree in medicine at university to become a doctor, now would they???

Well we sincerely hope not! But joking apart, and according to a survey, many young people who are in the process of choosing their A-level subjects really do need more guidance about picking the ones which will give them the best chance of studying their ideal degree subject at the university of their choice.

What the A-level choices survey found out

The survey found that with hindsight and more information, out of over 1,000 A-level students who applied to university, 28 per cent of them would have chosen to do different A-level subjects from the ones they actually chose.

Think harder about your A-level choices

According to the survey, if they’d had a better understanding of the connection between A-levels and university applications, 41 per cent of A-level students wish that they had thought harder about how their A-level choices would affect their chances of getting into university.

The same percentage had no idea that some universities have a list of A-level subjects that they look on less favourably than others.

Check uni entry requirements before making your A-level choices

It’s really important to check university entry requirements for the courses that you might want to apply for before you make your A-levels choices and if in doubt, get some advice. Which? University has a great website you can use to work out which A-levels you should be taking to study a specific degree subject at uni . Also make sure you have a really good chat about you’re A-level choices with your teachers and careers advisers.

The Russell Group’s online guide, Informed Choices, includes advice from admissions professionals on the best subject combinations for a wide range of university courses as well as the best choices for students who want to keep their options open when it comes to A-level choices. It’s well worth a read if you’re unsure about which A-level subjects to choose.

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