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My son is an England U16 rugby player…

Parents view

My son Kailus Hutchinson has overcome many challenges which could have reduced his life chances but he has triumphed and gone on to become a respected sportsman. Despite adversity he has achieved academically and has reached the highest level in English rugby for his age group.

I dedicated my life to supporting my son and doing all I could to counterbalance the absence of his biological father but I knew I had my limitations so I looked to the world of sport to fill the gap.

Sport provided my young son with consistency, boundaries, stability and much-needed male role-models. Through rugby, he was introduced to positive relationships with both his peers and coaches. Sport has shaped his character and made him resilient.

Rugby gave my son a strong sense of belonging, confidence and self-belief. The coaches have challenged and pushed him to strive and meet his full potential, which was rewarding when he made it through trials to represent and captain the Coventry Schools’ rugby team.  Kailus faced huge disappointment at the next stage when he wasn’t selected for Warwickshire Schools. Despite attending the trials with a broken hand he scored an inspirational try by sprinting from the 22 line to tackle a player, picking up the ball and bolting it to the try line, whilst fending off players in his path. When his school coach contacted Worcester Warriors, to give him a chance at the under 14’s trials for the Elite Player Development Group (EPDG)…we never looked back! 

Being a rugby mum has been a long journey of dedication, commitment and sacrifice, not to mention the hours spent travelling up and down the country to matches. But it’s been incredible and full of fun with so many achievements along the way. The intensive, 18-month process of becoming an England player consisted of many trials for District and County Schools, the Midlands Under-16 squad and then for the England Under-16s. I was so proud of my boy when he made it into the top 100 for Midland Schools and then got into the top 24 in England Rugby Schools Under-16s where he’s in the top 3 for his position in England.

One of my proudest moments as  Kailus’ mum was when I presented him with his first England rugby shirt. How I felt when he wrapped his arms around me as I presented it to him, will stay with me forever!

Kailus is driven by his ambition to become a professional rugby player. Education is very important to him too and because of his talents he gained a scholarship in the sixth form of an independent school. He’s at the beginning of a new, exhilarating journey and we’re both very excited about the future and all the great opportunities that lie ahead!  Kailus is looking forward to all the new challenges in his rugby playing and to passing his A-levels.

Who knows what the future holds? But it’s looking bright because we believe that anything is possible!

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