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A-level Choices – Do Your Homework Or Get It Wrong And Lose Out

Your A-level choices wouldn’t be art, drama and music if you knew you wanted to do a degree in medicine at university to become a doctor, now would they??? Well we sincerely hope not! But joking apart, and according to a survey, many young people who are in the process of choosing their A-level subjects really do need more guidance ... Read More »

Bloodhound Project – a supersonic boost for kids and the UK economy.

The Bloodhound project

Bloodhound Project director Richard Noble hopes that his supersonic scheme will inspire kids to invent and design new technology, to boost the UK’s economy. About Richard Noble and The Bloodhound Project Richard Noble hopes to drive his supersonic car, Bloodhound SSC, into the record books this year but he is also full of hope about another mission – to engage ... Read More »

My son is an England U16 rugby player…

My son Kailus Hutchinson has overcome many challenges which could have reduced his life chances but he has triumphed and gone on to become a respected sportsman. Despite adversity he has achieved academically and has reached the highest level in English rugby for his age group. I dedicated my life to supporting my son and doing all I could to ... Read More »

Dear Annie – I want to travel to Iceland

Dear Annie, I want to travel to Iceland as it is my last summer before I go to university to do marketing and public relations and my parents want me to ‘build my CV’ by volunteering all summer for a local PR company. Why can’t they see how important this is to me? I promised myself a year out if ... Read More »

Parent’s view – one left behind…

I’ve just asked my fifteen year old how he feels about having his older siblings at home for the holidays. I’d hoped he’d missed them generally but his reply left me somewhat reflective as he said, “Well at least I won’t have to do all the cleaning up myself when they’re back.”  He has grown up as the youngest of ... Read More »

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