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Technicians Keep Industry Going – Discover 4 Technician Roles



Whether it’s process, mechanical, electrical, chemical or software or engineering, technicians keep industry going.


The food and drink industry is the largest engineering and manufacturing sector in the UK and other industries like aerospace are growing.

When you think about a career in engineering or manufacturing you might automatically think about getting a degree and becoming a professional engineer, forgetting about all the other options available.


Technicians operate just below the level of graduate. They contribute to the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance processes in all major UK industries however. Technicians are vital to the success on UK industry.

What qualifications do you need for a technician role?

Study of maths and science is needed and studying IT can be really useful too. You could study A-levels, a vocational qualification like a BTEC in engineering and a variety of qualifications can get you in, including an HNC (higher national certificate), HND (higher national diploma) and foundation degree. Apprenticeships are also a good route into technician roles.

Aerospace engineering technician

Average pay: £20 – £35,000

Working in mechanics or avionics (electrical systems) aerospace technicians help to build, service and repair aircraft bodies (fuselage) or specific systems like landing gear, engines or hydraulic systems, install and test electrical and electronic systems, help to build and test prototypes, perform maintenance tasks and use CAD and CAM software.

Electronics engineering technician

Average pay: £18 – £24,000

Electronics technicians design, build, test and repair electrical parts for everything from TVs and computers to satellites and cars. To work in electronics, you need to have normal colour vision and to be able to read engineering diagrams. You would use CAD and CAM skills to design printed circuit boards, build and install systems.

Food maintenance quality assurance technician

Average pay: £14 – £15,000

Quality assurance technicians in the food manufacturing industry make sure that the manufacturing process meets health and safety and quality standards and regulations. You would check everything from raw ingredients to the final product making sure that all legal requirements are met and that weights and temperatures are correct.

Manufacturing maintenance technician

Average pay: £18 – £22,000

In the production area, maintenance technicians are vital. They make sure that the machinery and equipment works well and doesn’t break down. If anything does go wrong, they are on hand to diagnose the fault and repair it. This is important to keep production going.

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