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Working In Land Based

Working in land based

If working in the great outdoors, working with animals or protecting the environment appeals to you, how about working in land based?

Land based careers are hugely varied, from soil-science to plant breeding or managing wildlife – take a look at just a few land based careers you could choose from.


From growing hops or wheat to farming sheep and pigs – the British farming industry is massive and vital to us producing the goods that we need. There are lots of job roles including jobs such as feed nutritionalist, farm worker and farm manager.

Protecting the environment

There are over 3,000 environmental conservation organisations in the UK. You could play a part in conserving landscapes, species and wildlife as well as helping people to understand and appreciate the countryside.

Game and wildlife management

Working in game and wildlife management can cover anything from managing wetland or woodland areas to managing deer or pheasant.

Plants, trees and flowers

With careers ranging from floristry and plant breeding to soil science, landscaping and green keeping, if plants, trees and flowers are your thing – there is plenty to choose from.

Land based engineering

Machinery plays an important part in modern agriculture. Tractors, sprayers, chainsaws and milking equipment all require engineers to design, manufacture, maintain and repair them.

Working with animals

Whether it’s working in a pet shop, stables, animal boarding, a zoo, or a veterinary surgery helping sick animals, some people just love animals and nothing makes them happier than being surrounded by them.

If you want to find out what it’s like working with zoo animals, take a look at our interviews with three zookeepers working at Twycross Zoo – they each took a different pathway into a career working with animals that they all love.



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