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Working As A Writer – If words are your thing then read on

working as a writer

If words are your thing and your dream job would be writing them all day then read on and find out about working as a writer.

Being a writer doesn’t necessarily mean being the next J K Rowling. In reality not many people make a living as novelist. There are lots of jobs that involve writing.

Here are a few ideas for working as a writer:


There are many types of journalist. There are investigative, photo, broadcast, data and subject specialist journalists to name just a few. All will report and comment on things.


Content creators or copywriters create content for print publications and for online. Some roles need specific skills, such as advertising copywriter, where you need to be persuasive.

Features editor

This job involves re-writing and editing other people’s work but also coming up with ideas for features, finding writers and making sure that the content is good, images are correct and much more.


The role of the lexicographer is to write, compile and edit dictionaries. It’s all about individual words and meanings.


Novelists come up with ideas, they research and they write books; specifically, works of fiction (novels).

Business or technical writer

Here’s one you may not have thought of. When you buy something, it often comes with a guide or manual. Technical writers create the content for these.

Gaining writing experience for working as a writer

If you want to be a writer, blog, tweet, join online writing networks, find out about local writing groups – in short do everything that you can to develop your skills, your voice and to build a portfolio of work that you can show to people at interview.

If you are going to write for online, then learn about how to do this well. Find out about publishing tools like WordPress and search engine optimization (SEO).

Working as a writer – subjects that could be useful at school

English language

Creative writing

Media studies

Information technology

There are plenty of creative writing or journalism degree options. There is also an apprenticeship option for journalism, through the junior journalist apprenticeship – worth looking up!

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