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Marketing Careers What Does A Content Manager Do?

Content manager

If you are thinking of working in marketing but also like writing, then the role of content manager might be right up your street.

Working as a content manager involves writing blogs, articles, newsletters or anything else that the company that you work for wants.

Content manager – What’s the job like?

The job will mean doing research in order to write and also publish and update content using web publishing tools. If you work in a team you might have content writers that you will manage. You might also have the job of finding and commissioning writers to produce content.

You’ll need to have great writing and proofreading skills, be able to meet deadlines and have an eye for good layout and ways of presenting different kinds of information.

You will normally be in charge of looking after a website, which will mean planning what content will be published and when. You will also need to maintain the voice and style of the company, so working with the marketing team will be important.

Useful skills for a content manager

In addition to writing, you will normally need to have some basic skills in image editing software use and some skills in HTML would be useful. You might also need to collect and report on website and social media analytics and with experience you might progress to a role like search engine optimisation (SEO) manager.

To work as a content manager, you need to have good organisational skills as well as the ability to communicate in the right way for your target audience.

Social media is a big part of the marketing activity for companies and if your role includes managing social media content, then you will need to put together a social media content strategy and plan.

The scope of work that you do as a content manager depends on the size of the company and the range of methods that they use to share content, which could be in print, through presentations or online via a website or social media. Usually in large companies there will be a team of you but in a small business you might be doing the lot.

Getting started in content management

It may be possible to start work with a company and over time show them that you have the necessary skills. Otherwise, studying marketing, media, IT or journalism is a way in to this job.




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