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I Can Solve Problems – I Want To Be A Business Analyst

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If you are good with using a computer, analysing data, explaining things and problem solving then maybe a career as a business analyst would suit you.

Being a business analyst involves:

Working and communicating with business managers to understand what they are trying to achieve. It also requires you to find out how a business goes about doing the things that it does and how successful this is. From here you would use data modelling methods to analyse your findings and make recommendations.

The recommendations that a business analyst makes will be aimed at improving things like marketing strategies, communication or decision making processes or sales processes – anything that supports the business in being successful.

As a business analyst expect to:

  • Work with business managers to understand the business and learn about what they need
  • Undertake research
  • Analyse data
  • Come up with solutions to problems
  • Explain things to others
  • Support people

What qualifications do I need for a career as a business analyst?

A technical background or a degree in business information systems, business management or information systems or computing would be helpful. You should also think about gaining a project management qualification.

There is an apprenticeship route into the role of business analyst. This is a level 4 apprenticeship and you would need to have completed an apprenticeship at a lower level or you would need A-levels or an equivalent Level 3 vocational qualification.

The skills that you need to succeed as a business analyst:

Project management


Ability to analyse data

Analytical skills

Problem solving skills

Organisation skills (can you prioritise jobs?)

Ability to predict what will happen

Communication skills

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