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Archive of articles and guides in Moving On Magazine about careers for UK school leavers.

What Jobs Will Be In Demand In The Future?

jobs in demand in the future

It’s really hard to decide what career you might want to do. Why not consider what jobs will be in demand in the future? There are lots of experts who dedicate time to analysing the future labour market, taking into account the technological developments that are taking place, considering how these will affect jobs in the workplace and other factors, ... Read More »

Is an apprenticeship better than going to university?

First of all, there are still some careers which can only be accessed through studying full time at university for a degree. Hence an apprenticeship is not going to be an option for certain careers. Is an apprenticeship better than going to university full time for many other careers though? You may be surprised by how many career opportunities there ... Read More »

Careers, Not Sure What To Do?

10 future careers

Thinking about careers can seem overwhelming when you are not sure what to do. At Moving On we try to provide you with information on hundreds of careers and to inspire you. Read on for some tips on how to get started choosing a career when you are really not sure what to do with your life I have no ... Read More »

Local Government Jobs Offer Council Career Opportunities For Everyone

local government jobs

Local government jobs are all about carving out a career through working for the community and making a difference to people’s lives and their environment. Local government employs over two million people and is one of the largest employers in the UK. Local government jobs offer great career opportunities,  putting you in a position to help ensure equality in your ... Read More »

School Careers Advice Talks Increase Pupils’ Future Earnings

  Going to school careers advice talks could boost your earning potential dramatically – you could earn £2,000 a year more than other people who don’t go. Moving On magazine was set up in to provide school kids and their teachers, parents and careers advisers with up-to-date information on careers and qualifications when in 2011, the Government’s decided to take ... Read More »

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