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Student View – From Education to Employment

Student view

Georgia Dalton gives us her student view on the journey from education to employment.

Since the age of four I have loved reading and writing and I have always known that I want a career where I can spread my love of novels and words.

Throughout school, my passion for English hasn’t changed. At 12 years old I realised how exciting it would be to extend my love of literature further by studying at university.

I have discovered many new authors and books that I now love while studying AS English literature and I want to continue these discoveries at university. I also want to meet new people that share the same interest as me.

A piece of advice that I received from my teacher was to pick A-levels that I would enjoy and therefore thrive at; English literature was an obvious choice for me, along with creative writing. These offered me the perfect balance of reading and analysing prose and creating my own work.

I was aware that my passions could change, so when choosing my A-levels, I picked subjects that I liked and that I was good at. This meant that I would be able to take my study further in one of my other A-levels if I found that they turned into my passion.

Media studies was another favourite for me at GCSE, and I thought about taking it at A-level as it could lead me to another potential university course, if I started to love it more than English. Lastly, I picked geography for challenge; I enjoyed the subject at GCSE and I was interested in the topics that I would study.

When the time came to research universities, my careers adviser told me to look at the course modules in detail, as English literature courses at different universities vary. Newcastle University is on the top of my list at the moment, as I have looked into the modules offered and they excite me — I can see myself studying there. They also offer an optional year in industry, which is something I am definitely interested in. Also, I am lucky to have family members that went to university in the North East, so I know that they enjoyed living around there.

I feel that I have many options concerning my career. Magazine journalism has always interested me, as well as publishing or even secondary school teaching. I have had my own book blog since I was 13, and I have had many opportunities stem from it, such as writing for The Guardian, having my reviews quoted in books and visiting publishing houses. It has given me valuable experience that will be useful when I apply to university. One goal that I have is to write a book. I’m writing one now, and my ultimate dream is to get it published — one day.”

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