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Looking For Work In Birmingham

Work in Birmingham

If you are looking for work in Birmingham, then like job seekers anywhere it is a good idea to find out a little about what the industry is like.

Every area has its own employment profile and its own priorities when it comes to investing in improving sectors.

In Birmingham for example, some sectors have seen a reduction in employment, whilst others have grown, according to Birmingham City Council reports.

Those sectors when employment has gone up

  • Specialised construction activities
  • Land transport
  • Activities auxiliary to financial services and insurance
  • Architectural and engineering activities
  • Other professional, scientific and technical activities
  • Food and beverage service activities
  • Office administrative and other business support activities

Those sectors that have declined

  • Publishing activities
  • Construction of buildings
  • Manufacture of wearing apparel
  • Creative, arts and entertainment activities
  • Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles
  • Residential care activities
  • Social work activities without accommodation
  • Activities of head offices; management consultancy activities
  • Human health activities
  • Retail trade

The priority industry sectors in Birmingham are:

Advanced manufacturing

Financial & professional services

Low carbon and environmental

Life sciences

Food and drink


Knowing what the priority areas are can be helpful as these are where the council will be working with partners to increase the offering in these areas. It isn’t a guarantee, but it might mean that you could speak with employers in the area about taking you on as an apprentice (even if they are not advertising).

What apprenticeships are there in Birmingham?

Looking at data for 2015/16 the number of apprentices in each sector was:

Agriculture 40
Arts and media 50
Business, admin & law 3,270
Construction 350
Education 130
Engineering and manufacturing 1,850
Health, public services and care 2,920
ICT 250
Leisure travel and tourism 270
Retail & commercial 1,500



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