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Sports and parasport careers and education at college


Tia Ruel, a student with cerebral palsy, tells us what it’s like juggling college life with her quest for a parasport career. I should probably start by saying that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Follow your dream, but also follow your education. Tia’s story Like every student, I have problems and difficulties but mine are a bit ... Read More »

My son is an England U16 rugby player…

My son Kailus Hutchinson has overcome many challenges which could have reduced his life chances but he has triumphed and gone on to become a respected sportsman. Despite adversity he has achieved academically and has reached the highest level in English rugby for his age group. I dedicated my life to supporting my son and doing all I could to ... Read More »

Professional sport blamed for lack of fair play

A recent survey suggests that the ‘win at all costs’ culture we see in professional sport is working its way into school PE lessons and inter-school matches. Research shows that young people may be a little too willing to bend the rules, or ‘cheat’, in the quest for victory. The study, which questioned over 1,000 eight to 16-year-olds, found that ... Read More »

The science of sport

exercise physiologist

Whether working with top athletes or with the wider population, a career in sport and exercise science presents a sporting opportunity for you to make a real difference. BY Sam Worth Sport and exercise science is a very broad term covering the understanding and application of scientific skills to both sporting situations and general health. If you are interested in ... Read More »

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